Full girl became a Yoga instructor and a star

yogaNow the blog Yasmin for over 65 thousand subscribers, and with each passing day, this number is growing. No wonder, because the girl cannot be called a Reed makes such complex asanas and takes so intricate postures that many hudyskam and never dreamed! It easily sits on cords, stands on its head and demonstrates the flexibility of joints. And as the language turns to name a similar completeness “unhealthy”? (more…)

What women like men?

women like manAbsolutely all women at all times was wondering (and McCullough-wonder to this day), the question of what do you men and what features they’re looking for in a woman. by what feature choose their partner?! Well, this article lists some of the female characters and characters that are particularly attractive in the eyes of the strong half of humanity.
First, it’s worth remembering about women are ideal hosts, because such men were always appreciated-whatever, but constant clarity and comfort in the home, as well as tasty home-style food were, are and will be very important for everyone, including for representatives of stronger sex. (more…)

How to quickly and easily get in shape for summer

summer shapeThe hunger games against the fridge, aggressive campaigns in the gym, do you think this is the only way to get in shape for summer? And here and there: here are 20 ways to lose weight without effort and sacrifice.

Impose a ban on delicious and cover the mouth of the Castle at six pm isn’t worth it. Once a day let alone the sweetness of 100 calories worth. Either postpone it for later. (more…)

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