Especially during the critical days of sex

sexSex during menstruation can be described by the proverb “the forbidden fruit is sweet.” This is particularly the case in men. Women are attracted by rumors that during such sexual intercourse near impossible to get pregnant. But you cannot say that this feature is applied to all people. Most frustrating to have sex during menstruation only for aesthetic reasons. Many women disdain, and not all men think it’s hygienic. (more…)

To hell with love: what do lonely on Valentine’s day?

aloneOne day a year for single people is synonymous with waking nightmare is 14 February with all traditional for this holiday with flowers, candy, kisses, love confessions, dating and other melodramatic things that are far away from the relationship of personality to the spirit does not tolerate, as any allergies. So, if your Valentine’s day you have no (more…)

TRENNKOST: what, why, when?

TRENNKOSTTRENNKOST: what, why, when?All calories carefully counted portions weighed up to grams, daily menu painted on the clock, and the results do not inspire diet? You might want to pay closer attention to the compatibility of the products?

Supporters of the separate nutrition claim: once in the stomach at the same time are let and low calorie, but products are incompatible with each other, their digestion is difficult. Separate power systems developer, American scientist Herbert Shelton argued that the conditions necessary for the digestion of different types of foods are different: for the cleavage of proteins to the acidic environment for carbohydrate-alkaline. If we eat food that contains a lot of (more…)

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