Passion through veins

veinsMy feet-long headache. MOM, Dad, grandmother-what is anyone’s guess who “gave” me a beauty. The result is the same — in 27 years without a longing look at his feet could not. And the long-awaited pregnancy and childbirth is clearly not improved their appearance.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, I am an impartial look at your feet and finally decided to go to flebologu.

And here I had a question: where, exactly, to go, who to contact? The assistants I had Internet. Has set its objectives:

1. the clinic must be large, and varicose veins there should be dealt with seriously, and not in addition to Mesotherapy.
2. the clinic must exist for a long time. For over 10 years is identified.
3. do not like to go in the  clinic is wanted on the Internet find out to whom I can get that for doctors, which have experience. Health I have one! Also for himself brushed off the clinic where the luminaries of the scientific name was tempting.
4. and I for myself only, I love all the new, modern, correct.

Of the total wealth of choice that the Internet offered to me, I stopped at a multidisciplinary clinic (painfully loud in her name, and heard many good things about them) and on the three specialized clinics.

First on my list was a multidisciplinary clinic. The outside is beautiful. Inside is welcoming. Reception is good. But then not all as good as desired. The list of services of the multidisciplinary clinic evoked memories for me from the beginning of the 90 ‘s. reminded of Herbalife. Who does not remember, let me remind you. Was such a wonder-drug, which for several days had promised to get rid of a whole heap of interesting problems and diseases. And here is me not trust that the experts of this clinic are all (and seriously, as it seemed to me). So, I will treat your feet, and in the adjacent Cabinet to do our (who does not know is a megaklizma for half an hour)? So, as they say, meet on odezhke and see off. …

Then I contacted the three specialized center, but stopped on one — the oldest and largest our vein diagnostic and treatment center of Moscow. And he drew me a serious attitude to me, to my problems.

This clinic was the only I have visited where visitors and besides me. For me this is a good sign. The doctor I was just fascinated. I respect people with a unique style of communication, with a sense of humor and a kind of speech. And if this is an absolute professionalism, I give up and lift my hands (in this case, the legs). The result, however, did not amuse: “Varicosis of both lower limbs”. Recommended surgical treatment, compression stocking and vein tonics. He was voiced by another option is ehosklerozirovanie. The doctor sent me for a free consultation with a leading specialist in the field of Phlebology-professors, doctors, and advised him to believe. Whatever I chose, in any case, the clinic has entered into an agreement with me would be the European standard for treatment and annual monitoring.

Professor’s consultation was held a week later. As it turned out, Professor  record every 20 minutes. The verdict of Professor — you can do without surgery. Perhaps, I would obey her without hesitation. The other day going to be healed — I think I didn’t let down women’s logic.

Control for veins

This test is a useful thing for anyone who does not want to get into ownership is not a serious disease — adorns the varices. Examine the veins very simple: it is enough to see a list of symptoms and pick your own.

If you find yourself in signs of varicose disease or predisposition to it, doctors strongly recommend timely screening in the phlebologic clinic.

Note: the results of some of this test, you must not add to the target figure and subtract from it.

1. If varicose veins Are your parents?
No + 0; one + 5; both + 10; parents and other relatives of + 15.

2. Long sit or stand during the day?
Yes + 0; sometimes + 5; often + 10; permanently + 15.

3. you have flat feet?
No + 0; Yes + 15.

4. excess weight?
No + 0; not more than 10 kg + 5; up to 20 kg + 10; over 20 kg + 15.

5. take the Sun on the beach or in the solarium, take hot baths or visit a bath?
No + 0; sometimes + 5; often + 10; permanently + 15.

6. Wear tight clothing, waist underwear?
No + 0; sometimes + 5; often + 10; permanently + 15.

7. wear a narrow, uncomfortable shoes, high-heeled shoes?
No + 0; sometimes + 5; often + 10; permanently + 15.

8. Raise the severity (i.e., not only in the gym, but also packages of food, whether children are wearing on the hands)?
No + 0; sometimes + 5; often + 10; permanently + 15.

9. Do cardiovascular sports such as tennis, football, skiing, snowboarding, step aerobics?
No + 0; sometimes + 5; often + 10; permanently + 15.

10. Make air travel?
No + 0; times a year + 5; 2-3 times a year + 10; more often 3 times a year + 15.

11. concerned about leg muscle cramps at night?
No + 0; sometimes + 10; often + 20; constant + 30.

12. Feel the heaviness and tingling in the feet at the end of the day?
No + 0; sometimes + 5; often + 10; constant + 20.

13. do you have a habit of sitting tuck under the feet or sit leg to leg?
No + 0; sometimes + 5; often + 10; permanently + 15.

14. Visit a pool?
No-0; sometimes — 5; often, 10; keep — 15.

15. how often do you walk the walk?
Rarely is 0; sometimes — 5; often, 10; constantly — 20.

16. how often do you drink to eat fruits and vegetables?
never + 10; sometimes — 0; often — 5; keep — 10.

17. for women: the number of pregnancies
0 + 0; 1 + 10; 2 + 20; 3 and a + 40

Calculate the result

Up to 50 points. Most likely, your veins out of danger. If most of the time you spend sitting and not moving, check the condition of the veins, discard the bad habits, not gain excess weight.

From 50 up to 120 points. There is a predisposition to the development of varicose veins or its early stage. It’s time to explore the city and get medical advice-can, learn special exercises to abandon power sports and visits to the sauna or the solarium. Many unpleasant symptoms will help relieve the regular wearing of compressive stockinet.

From 120 up to 255 points. High probability of varicose veins. Avoid risk factors and be sure to follow the advice of a physician or medical professional-can it find the optimum for you the program of prevention and treatment.

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