Passport to immortality: how to extend the life of 10 years?

pass“Every breath brings us closer to the grave”,-assures the English physician named Kenneth Barth. Not figuratively, but literally. The fact that oxygen is not only the basis and prerequisite for life, but a poison to our body. More precisely, for the cells that are exposed to chemical reactions occurring with the oxygen in the blood, are oxidized and die. In a scientific way is called oxidative stress. Cells are destroyed, the metabolism is impaired, there are different diseases, ranging from asthma to cancer. At a young age the body still have enough forces to resist oxidative stress and to maintain the balance, but the older a person becomes, the less its forces to fight.


The first steps in this direction have already been made. For example, today every interested person can almost any clinic to pass a blood test for food intolerance. After all, food intolerances can be completely asymptomatic. The man has no idea that a product that he likes and eats every day, is the cause of all the chronic diseases that compromise the body’s resources and lead to premature aging.
The only way out is to resist oxidation in cells. Do this by using antioxidants. The most famous of them-vitamins a, c and e. There are natural antioxidants like green tea, lemon and lycopene (the substance contained in tomatoes). Not less useful and products containing selenium, zinc, copper, manganese is cereals, carrots, bananas, cheese, oranges, tuna.

Doctors say that if people receive the necessary amount of antioxidants, it would become virtually immune to most diseases, the body’s cells are not destroyed would be, and consequently the overall life expectancy has increased significantly to.

By the way, check the level of oxidative stress your body today, you can use the special study-biohimilumenometrii.
Woman eats potatoes

Another reason for ageing and death-the accumulation of salts of heavy metals. And most of them we have put into your body. For example, daily smokers consume the harmful chemical element cadmium. And the sushi lovers, usually in excess of mercury (for sea water and seafood are very dirty, metal).
Woman eats potatoes
“Even if you give up bad habits and go on a healthy diet, completely protect yourself from heavy metals in the body do not get,” explains PhD, dietitian Irina Nesterova. -Ecology over the past 50 years has deteriorated to such an extent that it is impossible to breathe or make a mouthful of water, not to get a dose of harmful metals. To combat this the only way to prevent metals accumulate. That is constantly take drugs that bind heavy metals and remove them from the body. ”

The most affordable and effective means of removing metals from the body, boiled the potatoes in their skins. The starch is digested, and forms a kind of network in the gut. It’s the fall of various harmful compounds, molecules starting from nitrate to carcinogens.

At least possesses unique properties and beets, it contains special substances that bind with heavy metals and quickly eliminate them. In addition to this beet antibacterial activity. That is, it disinfects the toxins that are produced by dangerous microbes entering our body.

However, even with beetroot and potatoes should be cautious. Recently many doctors increasingly say that reason virtually all disease and premature aging is in the wrong food.
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Doctors long ago came to the conclusion: each person has a unique power code. Each of us is “programmed” nature on the consumption of specific products; everything else, not prescribed in the code in such a situation develops in medlennodejstvuusij venom. “If scientists were able to decipher the code of each person and say what and how much it should have, and what is not, people would have gained immortality”,-says Irina Nesterova.


And finally, last but most insidious factor that hampers a person live forever, his hormones. With age, the speed of all processes occurring in the body slows down, production of hormones is reduced. And if you believe some of the latest scientific theories, hormones are the stimulants of life. That is why in many anti-aging clinics, there is a real boom of hormonotherapy. Doctors believe that if artificially introduce man to synthetic hormones, aging processes slow down or even stop. But have not yet been able to figure out how exactly these hormones enter the patient’s accommodation to ensure the immortality.

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