The human skin – a very sensitive element in our body, which responds to the slightest changes in the external environment as well as our internal state. The response to these changes are usually manifested as skin rashes.

Latin for skin rash called exanthema and fall into a huge number of species and subspecies. There are two large groups of lesions – primary and secondary.

For primary rashes include blisters, nodules, roseola, bubbles, spots, etc.

To the secondary – scales, pigmentation, crusting, fissures, ulcers, etc. With the aid of “Ekopuls” You can fight with both primary and secondary eruptions that are a consequence of developing certain types of dermatoses (especially dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis).

From primary lesions most effectively Ekopuls’ struggles with roseola – round spots of pink and red in size from 1 mm. Roseola may be covered with scales, representing dead cells of the stratum corneum. The scales can occur not only in roseola, but also on other elements of the primary lesions. On populations – in the case of psoriasis or go bust after the bubble (with eczema). The scales can be as pityriasis (also called mykoob different, because it seems as if they were sprinkled with flour) or plate, when it seems that they are as it were from the microscopic plates. These and other types of scales, which are a form of skin rashes can also be overcome with an instrument

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