Removing lumps Bichat-how to make a perfect oval face


Refined features of aristocratic individuals were always considered beautiful and were evidence of “breed”, having hated ancestors. Modern plastic surgery helps you easily find the desired facial features, including the aristocratic depressed cheeks cheeks, which visually make the face already and proporcional′nee. To achieve this effect is applied in various ways, the so-called removal of lumps Bisha, which constitute the body fat cheeks, consisting of accumulations of adipose tissue.

The name fatty body cheeks was named the famous French Dutch anatomist Marie-François-Xavier Bichat, who first described them. Lumps of Bichat not associated with subcutaneous fat tissue and are located between the two muscles: the gum and cheek. Nature lumps Bichat are intended to facilitate the process of suckling infants, and with age comes their gradual decrease.

However, in some cases, particularly when there are excess weight or holders of round shape, lumps of Bichat may have some weight that contributes to their deletion, reducing clarity facial, the emergence of the so-called “brylej” and the deeper nasolabial wrinkles. With the help of plastic surgery lumps Bichat can not only be deleted but moved, or reduced in volume. Endoscopic surgery to remove lumps Bichat is performed through a small incision in the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. The surgeon accesses the middle zone of the face and may make removal of lumps Bichat. This operation allows to form vpaluû form of the cheeks, get the effect of facilitation and pull-ups. This adjusts the oval of the face, it becomes clearer. Also reduces nasolabial wrinkles that give the rejuvenation effect. Remove the lumps He quite often combine with a facelift or ultrasonic lifting.

Because removing lumps Bichat is made through the mouth, postoperative scars are imperceptible. During the operation, a bundle of Bichat pull through an incision in one block and one using a seam. This procedure is carried out on each cheek. The endoscopic operation allows you to reduce the volume of the cheeks and contour changes podskulovyh zones. After the operation, the first 3-4 days there has been a slight swelling and pain. A final and permanent result of surgery to remove lumps Bichat can be observed in two-three weeks.

A big plus of this operation is the minimum percentage of complications. The basic requirement is, of course, high professionalism and compliance with all the necessary measures to prevent the venue operations. Since getting the infection may lead to complications after removing lumps Bichat. To prevent infection is assigned a number of therapies that inhibit the inflammatory process.

Before carrying out any operation, including removal of lumps Bisha, the patient undergoes a standard scheme survey, which includes taking a test on the portability of narcosis, biochemical analysis of blood for the presence of AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis, as well as the analysis of blood coagulation. Before surgery, the patient undergoes a consultation with a surgeon, which explains in detail the operation to remove lumps Bichat, warns of possible complications after her and required procedures during the period of rehabilitation care. It is in strict compliance with all recommendations of the doctor you expect from not only an excellent result, but also the absence of any complications.

During the consultation can be carried out computer simulations of patient’s face after the operation, that the latter could provide results that can be expected from the surgery to remove lumps Bichat. At the time of the operation, an essential requirement for the health of the patient is the absence of any significant changes in the body. Especially it concerns the existence of hotbeds of inflammatory processes. In case of detecting them, the operation may be appointed only after the liquidation inflammatory processes.


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