Season update: body wraps for weight loss

weightDreaming of sunny beaches and already go through choosing the most fashionable swimwear? And what about with shape? During the winter a lot of girls are overweight, but with the arrival of spring would have to discard bulky camouflage in the form of stretched down-padded coats and sweaters. So start preparing for the season of mini-skirts and sexy studs right now, good time you still abound!

Diet and other hunger strikers leave Pro stock and begin to use them for a week or two before the holidays. Until then, let yourself relax a little and talk about more pleasant procedures, such as wraps for slimming.

Their help in shaping cannot be overestimated. Slimming wraps are often carried out in beauty salons. The cost of such services in Moscow starts at 1800 rubles per session. Bearing in mind that for best results, your shape will take about 7-10 procedures, is not cheap.

But there is a solution! Today many beauty brands for home use offer tools, quality is not inferior to the professional. Their cost is much lower, and the result is impressive! So, we remove the excess weight by wraps for slimming!

What is a wrap for weight loss?

Story wraps originates in ancient times. Even the Greeks and the Romans restored their health and beauty through healing mud, with the addition of herbal infusions and wine.

Body wraps-simple cosmetic procedure in which used thick masks and serums for body with a warming, cooling and properties. On problem areas, wrap the body in a special foil and leave for the best penetration of active substances in the layers of the epidermis minutes at 20-30.

Most often the wrappings are extracts from marine algae, green coffee, various herbs and plants, as well as honey, salt, clay, milk proteins, essential oils, extracts from fruits and vegetables and even chocolate!

Large concentrations of vitamins, microelements and long lasting effect of the tools not only to combat obesity and cellulite, but also has a positive influence on the nervous system, accelerate cell metabolism and blood circulation in the tissues.

Most unusual are the chocolate and wine body wraps. They all have antioxidant properties and combat free radicals are responsible for premature skin aging.

Total body wrapping love around the world because they are the simplest SPA-procedure, during which you can not only relax and have fun, but also significantly tighten skin, improve immunity and mood.

According to the method of exposure there are hot and cold wraps. The first version of the good strengthens the walls of blood vessels, detoxifies and tones the skin. Hot wrapping is most often used for slimming/figure correction. It activates blood circulation, pores are opened, and nutrients to better penetrate the skin layers. However, it does have contra-indications-violations in the work of the cardiovascular system and varices. In this case, you will be more suitable cold.

How to make body wraps for weight loss?

Before you start wrapping, preferably prior to a number of other SPA treatments. For example, visit the sauna or a swim in the pool. The extreme case is a normal body scrub. This is to ensure, as much as possible to cleanse the skin and prepare it for the adoption of active substances.

Next, apply the selected problem areas toning movements. It’s not the cream, so you do not need to wait until tool will be absorbed, it must cover a thick layer of skin. After that, you want to wrap-covered mask zone special film or termofol‚Ä≤goj. Now you can lie down and relax for an hour or so.

After the specified time elapses, take a shower, wash away the remains of tools, carefully vytris′ towel and apply any anti-cellulite gel or enhancing serum. For 5-10 treatments body wraps for weight loss can reduce the volume of the body on 2-3 cm.

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