Secret weapon: how to become a beautiful Valentine’s day?

valentineThe winter months, as those are our strength. A cold, grey, wet snow, and after work we hasten to home on the couch or in the cosy cafe, where already waiting for cheesecake, pizza, and other high-calorie delights. Will power is not too proavis′: the needs of the body is stronger, and he has every day sends us only one mantra “I want something tasty!”

Reflection in the mirror of the frustrating lack of vitamins, wind and Frost is not the best way to affect the face and skin. Think, it’s time to get depressed? Not at all! There is a great opportunity to bring the situation under control. And will help you with this guide to the most popular cosmetic procedures of winter, which will become your allies in the fight for beauty and “secret weapon” in preparation for upcoming romantic holidays.
For radiant skin: ultrasonic cleaning

Modern methods of cleansing with the use of ultrasound to quickly achieve the desired effect without damaging the skin and causing no discomfort during or after the procedure.

Ultrasonic peeling cleanses the pores and the ultrasonic peeling of different level of complexity occurs deep hydration of the skin.
For radiant skin: no-needle Mesotherapy

This methodology is deteriorating, the skin tones and eliminates wrinkles! Cocktail active products applied directly to the skin, and then it is processed by special apparatus emitting pulsating magnetic waves.

No-needle Mesotherapy is absolutely painless and does not leave any traces! The effect is noticeable right after procedure: decreasing puffiness, improves complexion, skin gets a fresh new look, wrinkles are smoothed out.
For radiant skin: chemical peel

Chemical peels can be superficial, middle or deep. Procedure is an application of various chemicals on the skin to remove the top layer of the skin or epidermis. By the way, winter is the perfect time for peeling: during this period, your tender skin is not exposed to direct sunlight, attack, and therefore, the recovery process will take place “with a bang”!
For the perfect forms: pressotherapy

This is one of the most effective treatments for cellulite and other unpleasant consequences of sedentary lifestyle.
When the pressure therapy on feet to put on huge bots, on the belly and thigh-wide belt, and the long gloves. The special unit delivers the compressed air, which operates simultaneously on all parts of the body. Precisely calculated pressure due to the blood and lymph, drives up, activating the circulatory processes.

Already after the first treatment there is a pleasant warmth throughout the body, swelling disappear, starting razglazivat′sa “orange peel”, are visible on the surface before the small vessels and a lightness in my legs.
For the perfect forms: cavitation

Cavitation is an ideal procedure for correction of the waist, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs. Remove excess weight with the help of ultrasound (cavitation) leaves no trace on the skin in the form of bruises or failures and ensures that the result for years, because the destroyed fat cells are not restored.

Cavitation, or non-invasive ultrasound liposuction, for 1 session at waist 3-5 cm, and without pain! The result after the procedure there is cavitation from the first sessions!
For the perfect forms: “Brazilian ass»

“Brazilian ass” is a set of procedures to ensure that your buttocks are particularly attractive.

Typically, the program includes 3 treatments: peeling, plastic massage, special technique which allows you to simulate a steep bend of the buttocks, and lifting the mask to enhance the effect.

Seductive forms a nice relief and elasticity-that’s what you get in the end!
For the perfect manicure and pedicure: coating of Shellac

Manicure and pedicure manicure coated Shellac will bring you real pleasure. This method makes the natural nails stronger and healthier.

Shellac for 14 days retains its original color, not chopped off, not smeared or fade in the Sun. Coating does not require sawing is it is removed at the expense of “wetting” using special tools in just 10 minutes.
For luxury hair: bio lamination

No girl in the mornings without such a procedure, as the blow-dry or thermal waving that badly affects the hair. They become dry, brittle and fragile.

Hair lamination is the careful wrapping of thin cellulose ion film and the only way for one short session to make hair shiny and silky. For laminipovania do codepzitca ammiak, mozhno poetomy do becpokoit′câ o zdopov′e daze oclablennyh «himiej» voloc.
For luxury hair: keratin hair restoration

Many well known salons in the West use the Brazilian keratin straightening. The relevance of this trend can be observed on the renewed image of stars like Victoria Beckham, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Lucy Liu, Beyonce.

Keratin smoothes, fills the cracks, damaged cuticles of the hair sticks. Unlike common shampoos and hair straightening flat irons of the effect of the procedure lasts for up to five months!
For luxury hair: haircut “by hot scissors»

Hair dryer, hair straightener, staining, poor ecology … Hot scissors “cut” protects hair from external factors, reinforces, improves the structure and increases the volume. In addition, you will forget about the split tip!

Unlike a normal haircut, hair cut when left open, the hot tip of the hair is “sealed” and all its nutrients: proteins, vitamins and amino acids, is preserved.


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