Select appropriate comb for perfect hairstyles

picIf you believe the stylists and hairdressers, correctly picked up a comb is half of hair care. At the same time, it is clear that metal or plastic comb can neutralize all efforts in the fight for a beautiful head of hair.

Using a simple guide from Skinproblemsolution you will be able to select the comb and with renewed efficiency to take care of your hair.

For those who constantly rushing and trying to comb your hair while they are still wet, specially invented hair brush with soft and gnusimisa silicone teeth. Well isn’t that a miracle? Now the most fragile and sensitive hair safe!

If you like to see hair perfectly smooth, especially for you long ago demoed flat brushes with natural bristles. Polished surface of hair bristles, giving it a smoothness and shine.

Mixed bristle round brush or wooden teeth when drying with a hair dryer can give small volume at the roots, it needs to lift the strand and direct air under it. Do not forget to lock the varnish radical amount, otherwise it completely disappears after an hour-and-a-half.

Metal round brush with rigid plastic teeth will help create light curls or even a chic Hollywood waves. As the surface of metal brasinga, be careful not to overheat the already fragile hair or use funds for termozasity. The smaller the diameter of the brasinga, the smaller and steeper get curls.
Large flat brush with soft rounded wooden teeth ideal for everyday care and brushing. In addition, you can choose a comb with therapeutic effect-for example, brushes, made from the wood of sandalwood, facilitate regular headaches, a peach from the tree, better polished hair and possess antistatic effect.

And what kind of comb you prefer? share your thoughts in the comments!

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