Select options for hairstyles for summer

pic1.jpegMotto this summer stylists and beauty-makers declared natural and deliberate negligence. Skinproblemsolution has collected 5 options simple hairstyles summer 2015.

Spit-bezel: today in fashion various spit and weaving, simple and complex, but the bezel of the hair around the head can tie up yourself girl with any length of hair, from the rack to the waist. Create a hairstyle in the boho style is simple: start to weave braid from the temple to the opposite Temple and fasten under hair or behind the ear the Invisibles.
Sleek ponytail: If you think you know everything about it, try to make it, wrapping the hair rezinocku, which you’ll fasten it. To get the perfect smoothness, use tightening shampoo and balm. For additional smoothness can use the hair straightener and beautify hair ribbons, beads,

Beam: more recently associated with dull housewives or strict instructors, bunch has long been left to the face. When going at speed, this hairstyle is what you need. Do it on wet hair using teksturirusego Moussa. Gather hair in a ponytail and twist into a bun, it should look a bit careless. For extra volume can use the bagel.

Surfing-curls: favourite girls curls get ideal if before tightening the hair you have processed them spray with sea salt. Then remove the side rollers and straightening irons, twist the hair into a tight bundle or gather in spit and do their chores. After some time (it can be a half an hour or an entire day) ❏ hair. These natural curls are prepared without the use of heating appliances.

Bulk braid: slip the bulk of the hair to one side, zapletite braid, secure it with invisible elastic, gently rastreplite fingers. The braid should be maximally careless. Decorate the finished hairstyle flower, ribbons or hoop.


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