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sickIn the light of the fortunate ones who have never a headache. This is about 20% of women and half of men (apparently, man’s head is stronger). The rest of this issue occurs at least once a month if not more often.

Deal with the headache of mankind has tried for a long time, which in ancient times were very exotic means. For example, some primitive tribes have been drilling a hole in the skull, and in ancient Egypt to head put newborn little crocodiles. Probably helped. But we will not be experimenting, and talk about how to fight modern with headache medicine.

Doctors warn that regular headache is not just an annoying inconvenience, a serious illness that requires a visit to a specialist and treatment. And as any disease, it has its reasons. They need to figure out first. Here are the most common types of headaches:

“The pain of half the head.” Yes, this is translated from Latin, the word “migraine”. It affects up to 10% of all who complain about “the head.” Doctors believe that the disease is hereditary. It is, as a rule, suddenly: severe pain pierces the half head and within minutes can develop attack, accompanied by nausea and loss of consciousness. Sometimes migraines for a few days puts a person in bed. By coincidence, the obidnomu more often it manifests in women.

The muscles and nerves. Fatigue and stress have become our constant companions and often speak highly of this headache. Doctors call this malaise “tension headache”. It causes constant overtraining muscles of the cranial vault, as well as chewing and facial. Tension headache is especially well known to those whom life forces to overcome difficulties, physically shaking teeth: victory earned excessive nervous and muscular effort, most often poisoned a painful attack.

Upside-down. Another common cause of headaches is the blood pressure. High or low? Both variants are possible. The best for a healthy person is pressure 120/80, but there are individual rule. If you deviate from it for 10-15 units is possible headache. And hypotensive, which include a large number of modern young ladies (they are characterized by low blood pressure and astenicescoe figure), it can occur, even if the numbers just close to normal rates!

Forbidden chocolate. Strange but true: cause of headache may be cheese, chocolate, salt fish, sausages and even yogurt! In “risk group” scientists are willing to make up to 20% of the usual products with our table. The point is that they contain special substances that affect the blood vessels, and some people can cause vascular spasm. But the sensitivity of these very individual and usually extends only to a specific product.

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So, you have already understood what type of headache often interferes with your life. If its reason is Vasospasm efficient antispasmodic, it is useful, for example, no-Spa. The worst case is, of course, migraine. It is treated with protivomigrenoznymi drugs that the doctor prescribes. If hypotension or hypertension you will designate drugs, respectively, increasing or decreasing pressure. Tension headache from best helps as well. With little good “relax”, you should be able to “don’t strain yourself.” Vospityvaj in this talent-and he will be the best medicine.

Sometimes independently determine the cause of the pain, your doctor can be difficult to go long, and help is needed urgently. In this case there are generic analgesics that are effective at any headache. These are called “inhibitors prostaglandins” (do not be afraid please!). Simply put, they inhibit the synthesis of substances that serve as transmitters in the body pain. Such painkillers are harmless and are universal, but it is important to observe their dosage.

Even if you are using modern painkillers, do not forget about the problem. This is dangerous. Remember, if your settled forever analgesic handbag and you take it regularly-this is a wake-up call. Turn off the computer and go to the doctor! Only a specialist will be able to accurately identify the cause of pain and prescribe the right treatment.

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