Star diet: raw vegetables and fruits in the diet of Evelina Bledans

eveFortunately, nature and the parents was awarded I figure, which does not require special diets and sports. But, despite this, I do not count only on genetics and nature, try not to relax and look out for themselves. Sports certainly helps me look good, but I do not miss out and eating right.

In my opinion, the main thing is to eat more fruits and vegetables, then there are natural sources of vitamins. I try to exclude from your diet juices from package. Instead, I drink freshly squeezed. Pickled vegetables prefer vegetables, not subjected to processing, and coffee-green tea. Summer is a great time to enjoy fresh food.


Instead of having to buy a beautiful Apple in the supermarket, like wax, not too lazy to go to the market and buy there fruits and vegetables grown in a garden, with the very worms, of which attracts the naturalness.

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