Steam room and sauna. Rules of conduct (it is useful to know)

During the crusades in England was established by one of the highest honours — order of bathhouses, which at that time was handed over to the Knights, dropped in a devastating cholera epidemics and plague to bath. The best way to deep cleanse the skin are the sauna (dry sauna) and steam (steam bath).Heat the oil in a water homemade bath to warm State, add a few drops of lemon juice. Thanks to the heat opens the pores, are dead skin flakes removed excess fat to be allocated to the sebaceous glands. Inside are also enabling processes: improves blood circulation, improves the blood circulation of the skin, and it gets pink shade. Part of the toxins out of the body. The truth is, it happens not through the skin, said recently. The impact of the heat spreads to the kidneys, they begin to work hard and combined with improved peristalsis help to eliminate harmful substances. Sensible heat improves immunity, it is especially useful for prevention of colds. True if already started, no sauna nor steam room at this stage will not help. In the course of heating and cooling a great workout are blood vessels after such bathes the body easier to stand high temperatures. People in the summer heat does not feel sluggish. In Russian bath the temperature in the steam rises within 50-60° c, air humidity reaches nearly 90 percent. In such an atmosphere, a person sweats less than in the dry sauna, but noticeably enhanced cleansing effect due to the build up in the body of the condensed water. The maximum time in Office should not exceed 20 minutes. But, if you have 10 minutes, and you want to go. The sauna can be pre pommy′ in the shower and dry drying myself. The feet should be warmed up. For this purpose it is advisable to make a preliminary hot bath for the feet. You should not wear a swimsuit or something on his head. The heat in the sauna is stronger in the upper zones. Trained may first sit on the top shelf, and after first sweating can move lower at the high bench. Unexercised and start and remain on the Middle shelf. Best in the sauna to lie. If there is no space for it, the legs should still post at the level of the seat. You can do 10 minutes after pouring cold water with essential oils. Steam, which rises from the body, stimulates the skin, nerves and respiratory. Before starting the sauna it is better not to pour. The last two minutes in the sauna are on the bottom shelf, sitting straight and bending her head down. This will help you avoid dizziness when standing up. After the sauna is sure to go back and forth on cold predbanniku without clothes and breathe deeply. But don’t let yourself freeze. Oblejtes′ cold water or stand under a cold shower. Sit down and take a warm bath for the feet. Once the skin is warm again or again oblejtes′ with cold water or take a dip in the cool pool. This chilling ritual continue until the stop sweating. Area and soak in the waiting room. Mistakes to avoid: * sit at the bottom, the cold bench to stay in the sauna longer. * Sit on the top shelf, dangling her legs down and his head holding under the ceiling. * Pour after sauna warm water instead of cold * do not leave in a cold room or roam there’s cloths. This reduces the effect of hardening. * Drink in the sauna or during breaks between stints. Even worse is to take alcohol. Blood vessels, and without that advanced, can expand up to the threat of collapse. * After a sauna bath in swimming pool is not flush with sweat. It is unhygienic. * Swim between stints in the sauna and after it. Water pressure can cause damage to the advanced vessels. * Combing hair in the sauna. It is harmful for the hair. * Talk in the sauna. This is a place of relaxation, and conversations can prevent people from seeking it.

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