Sugaring-sugar hair removal

Sugar hair removal has traditionally used the Eastern women to remove body hair. Recipes cooking sugar mixtures for such a procedure were passed from generation to generation. Today, such a method of hair removal is back in fashion, and sugar mixture can be purchased as ready in the form, and make yourself the ancient recipe.

What is sugar depilation

Sugar hair removal (šugaring) is a hair removal with sugar mixture on the skin covered with hair. After the mass hardens, and the hair will stick to it, its tear off from the skin along with the hair’s natural hair growth. During the procedure the sugar enters the hair bulbs, but do not destroy them completely, and slightly hurt. Therefore, regularly held šugaringe the hair becomes thin, less noticeable, but after a few years or even stop your growth.

The method is very power efficient, does not cause skin irritation or allergic reactions, so fits almost all people. Šugaring not travmatičen, because the skin cells while the vote does not suffer.

Do you like šugaring in the parlor and at home. It can be placed on the arms, legs, Bikini area and underarms.

The advantages of šugaringa is that the procedure is done at body temperature, while the wax is hot, which can lead to Burns. In addition, unlike wax depilation, sugar can do and those who suffer from varicose veins and some other diseases – a method practically has no contra-indications.

Funds for sugar depilation

In the beauty salon for a sugar depilation using sugar paste ready, developed by leading cosmetic companies. Sugar paste is applied to depilation today, are designed with the most modern technology. For example, Sukar (England), Alexandria (USA) ‘s (Hungary).

So, paste depilation Pandis is not from sucrose, glucose and fructose, as sugar does not possess sufficient flexibility and elasticity. A molecule of sucrose was originally larger than a molecule of glucose and fructose, so the latter can penetrate deeper into the roots of the hair, allowing you to remove hair without breaking them. In addition, high concentrations of glucose and fructose have antibacterial properties, which prevents the mouth of follicles infection. Pandis can be reheated pasta to desired temperature (usually up to body temperature), and its properties are not violated. A paste made of sugar, heat it, it immediately becomes firm.

However, sugar paste can be prepared at home immediately before the procedure, depilation, carefully respecting all conditions. To do this you need to take 10 tablespoons sugar, 1 tablespoon water and 4 tablespoons of lemon juice. Cook the mixture in enameled Cookware over low heat, stirring constantly, until thickened. Once the mixture has cooled down to a temperature of the body it needs to be used.

The sugar waxing procedures

The first procedure šugaringa begin to hold the hair length not less than a centimeter. After several treatments the hair becomes thinner and you can delete even quite small (3 mm and less), for example, after shaving. You must first prepare the skin for hair removal: degrease it, wash thoroughly with SOAP and water (then paste to better capture the hair), after which the skin dry with a clean towel, lightly pripudrivayut TALC or baby powder (this is to ensure that sugar paste less stuck to the skin).

In the beauty salon of the sugar paste depilation mark on the skin and massaged her against the direction of hair growth, which promotes deep penetration of the paste inside the follicle and hair obvolakivaniû throughout. Remove the paste in the natural hair growth, less painful (a small pain, of course, be).

At home sugar paste can be applied to the skin in different ways:

warm sugar paste on the skin against the direction of hair growth, on top of the glued strip of fabric pressed against the skin, and then dramatically disrupt the fabric together with the paste in the direction of the natural hair growth; hair will remain in the sugar paste;

make sugar paste is soft bouncy ball and roll over the skin; hair stick to the ball and removed.

After depilation sugar paste is easily removed with water and becomes smooth and supple, it is no irritation, red spots, and swelling. Sugar’s ability to attract water promotes skin hydration, that gives it elasticity and a fresh new look.

Sugar hair removal with each passing day, gaining new followers. Very often, women always want all other methods of depilation and epilation (removal of the hair from the root), a stop on it.

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