Summer activities: safety

summerSummer is the best time for an active holiday! However, hiking,
extreme sports, summer outdoor play and other nice
entertainment are often accompanied by downs, wounds and scratches. Unfortunately,
from these troubles no one is immune, but knowing what to do in such
cases, you always will be able to provide quality first aid to yourself and your
loved ones!

So, if you or someone from your loved ones wounded, first,
what you need to do is to stop bleeding and treat the resulting wound
a jet of clean water or antiseptic agent. This will help protect the wound
from infection,
pollution and the penetration of germs. While washing the wound carefully remove
all foreign particles, otherwise they will disturb the healing. And to reduce the
pain at some time make for a damaged part of the body rest: Yes and you
the rest won’t hurt.

The effectiveness of treatment of superficial wounds depends largely on the
the thoroughness of their primary treatment. A key role in the healing process of wounds
is the formation of new cells at the site of skin damage. For the early
Healing the wounds of any required tributary of oxygen increases the regeneration
fabrics. However, the formation of a crust on the injury hampers this process and often
creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogenic flora, the pus and
increased pain. The problem compounds the bad habit of tearing and sore,
that not only further hinders reconstruction tissues, but still
and can cause scarring. So never remove
self crust is nature itself knows when it’s best to do.

For the treatment of superficial wounds are widely used folk
funds. So, for example, cut along the Aloe leaves put to rankam
so they went faster, but fresh crushed leaves
psyllium are used to cuts, wounds and bruises as anti-inflammatory and
a styptic. For injuries, injuries and aching well help
herbal compresses are made on the basis of alcohol or decoctions of herbal tinctures
herbs. The most commonly used herbs, intensifying
anti-inflammatory effect of Chamomile, yarrow, nettle, Artemisia.

Herbal treatment requires certain knowledge and skills,
not all plants are equally useful, what to consider when processing
damaged skin. So if you love to roller skate and
bike, just in case your first-aid kit must be
tools required for processing and treatment of wounds.

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