Summer cheat sheet: 10 tips from the doctor

Summer cheat sheet: 10 tips from the doctor
101. on the seasonal climate features and their influence on human physiological state of today say all doctors. In their view, the main reason all summer ailments-water-salt balance in the body. How to deal with it? 1. on the seasonal climate features and their influence on human physiological state of today say all doctors. In their view, the main reason all summer ailments-water-salt balance in the body. How to deal with it? Drink more water. In hot weather to cool the body needs a lot of water, which is processed into a cooling sweat. Drink a day not less than 1.5 litres of liquid in the form of water, juice, tea. The soda and alcohol taboo: these imaginary utoliteli thirst actually dehydrate the body. Keenly follow your requirements: Pei, as soon as I wanted to, and do not make in the heat of the body to overstrain.


2. watch the salt balance in the body. If your favorite comfortable shoes suddenly became close, if a ring that even today soskakivalo with your finger, it became a hit, if socks or stockings began to leave visible traces on your skin-it shows an excess of salt. Be careful, eating foods, delaying the water in the body: eat less salt, smoked products and ogranič′ consumption of tomato juice with salt. Your favorite summer cucumbers, watermelon, melon. They all have slight diuretic effects and are capable of handling the water-salt balance.
3. heat stroke is the most dangerous mini disaster that can happen in the summer. Foolish to think that this will not happen to you. You can get it, being in the center of the city in traffic or indulging in carefree walks in hot weather. It’s hard to believe, but you can get heat stroke and in the workplace, if long remain in the realization of a stuffy room. When heat stroke the body loses the ability to samoohlazdeniu, dramatically increases the temperature to 39-40 degrees, the skin becomes dry and hot, reddened, broken heart activity. Signs of disorders of consciousness, sometimes up to syncope. Of course, no question of self-medication they cannot go. The only way is to call service 03.
4. overheating of the body is not taken to state of heat exhaustion, not less dangerous because it leads to increased pressure, dizziness, while body temperature stays in the normal range. Work on a hot noon zamedli their movement and feeling sick, wash your face with cold water. Place the large arteries (whisky, the area between the collarbones, elbow bends and popliteal dimples) pomassiruj pieces of ice.
5. forget about sports training in a stuffy room, or outside in the hot weather, it would be unreasonably large load on your body. Replace jogging walks in cool time of day (early in the morning or in the evening), and classes in the Hall-swimming.


6. learn the rules of behavior in nature and in water bodies (especially if you have a rest on the beach). You feel not very well after the solar baths? Better ohladis′ in the soul than the insidious sea water. Do not sail after a hearty lunch: digesting food that the body gives off the energy, and you still want to add this energy that will develop muscle?

Energy is too warm. And when you consider the high ambient temperature and salty sea water (salt, getting through the pores of the skin into the body, violates a water-salt balance), your chances of getting heatstroke has dramatically increased.
7. in the summer be careful with perfume. Very gently use perfume and scented deodorants, creams for the body or hands. The concentration of fragrance in the thick summer air can cause migraines due to a sharp and prolonged stimulation of olfactory receptors.

8. do not vyezaj on nature by wearing “costume” flower, avoid clothing with floral prints. Incredibly, this fact is confirmed by medics, and zoopsihologi: the bee or WaSP may confuse you with a flower and a bite.
9. do not provociruj insect food, which you take on a picnic, upakovyvaj all sealed, avoid sugary and dairy foods and beverages. All this attracts insects, and you can become a hindrance to them on the way to the desired delight: then the bite of an Ant or a buzzing insect will be provided. Use protective creams and lotions have a vial with disinfectant solution, protect your head and body from the mites.


10. treat people very demanding in the heat to food. Forget about the street fast-food. And even ice cream try to buy exclusively in proven areas (avoid shopping stalls quick sale). Statistics on poisoning this delicacy in the sultry days is very high. Make a bag for travel: perishable produce in the heat even in the fridge did not live longer than two hours. Do not be lazy before use, wash all vegetables, fruits and berries, melons and water melons. And do not buy products at natural markets or grannies at the sides of the highway. Unless, of course, do not want to add excess dust, dirt, germs in your body.

Following these simple tips, you can easily evaluate all the flavors of summer-without consequences!

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