Suntan oil – protect skin from the sun

Beautiful and even tan makes the body attractive. Special sunscreen cosmetics can achieve the tan without harming their health. Long known that sunlight can bring our health, not only good, but also harmful. Suntan oil is a series of Sun and can be used in the second half of the holiday, when the body is covered with a tan. People with dark skin may use suntan oil almost from the first days on the sea, as their skin is less prone to burn.

The oil for tanning

Suntan oil is used both to protect the skin from the sun, and for its regeneration after sunbathing. But do not forget that suntan oil has a low level of protection and is designed more for dark skin or skin that has already covered with a tan. Are best to use this to fix the cosmetic tanning end of the holiday, when the risk of sunburn is reduced significantly.

Suntan oil is good for dry skin, which is especially important in the context of constant exposure to the skin of salt water, wind and sun. Suntan oil protects the skin from UVA rays, and very rarely from UVB radiation only if its member manufacturers including additional filtering.

Composition of the oil for tanning

The composition of suntan oil may include various components, both natural and chemical. Preferred are the suntan oil of natural origin, which include sesame oil, sprouted wheat, oil extracts of medicinal plants, which improve the appearance of skin, increase its elasticity. Natural oils for tanning quickly absorbed after application and do not leave a greasy film on the skin.

Extracts of medicinal plants have anti-inflammatory and skin tonic effect. They help fight free radicals because of their antioxidant effect. With this oil for tanning are a good way to prevent photo-aging. Adding up the oil tanning vitamins A and E stimulates rapid and tan, gives it a bronze color.

The advantages of natural oil for tanning

Suntan oil based on natural ingredients has good regeneration properties. No chemical preservatives, flavorings and stabilizers makes it possible to use this cosmetic product, even on sensitive skin. Quality natural tanning oils differ economy because it does not contain in the structure of water. Just a few drops of this oil is applied to a large area of the body, due to an oily structure.

An additional advantage of suntan oil is the efficiency of its use for the treatment of pain with sunburn, insect bites, itching and swelling of the skin, which is accompanied by state data. After sunbathing, suntan oil is applied to the reddened skin that calming effect on them and warns them peeling. However, these benefits have only natural oils. Suntan oil with flavorings, stabilizers, preservatives and other chemical components can cause allergic reactions, even on healthy skin. Available at the same redness, Photodermatitis or other skin problems, non-natural suntan oil can exacerbate problems.

Method of use suntan oil

Suntan oil is applied to damp skin with light massage movements. Natural oils protect the skin for a longer time, because even remain on the skin after swimming in a pond. Apply suntan oil after taking a shower, just before going out. Special attention is paid when applying protruding points of the face and body, which often burn in the sun: the nose, the ears, shoulders, neck and décolleté.

After returning from the beach you have to take a warm shower, wash off the suntan oil on your skin and wet the face and body with a towel. If necessary, then applied to the skin over the oil, or any other cosmetic product after sunburn.

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