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Effective treatment of cystitis

cytisisCystitis “title =” effective treatment of cystitis “class =” imagecache imagecache-body-150 x 150/> “according to statistics, every second woman at least once in a lifetime experience with symptoms of cystitis, which usually manifest themselves in the form of frequent painful urination, lower abdominal pain, pain and burning sensations. In some cases these are added fever and nausea. Continue reading Effective treatment of cystitis

Laser treatment of striae (stretch marks)

Laser system SmartXide Dot copes with the problem of striae (stretch marks) of the skin. This issue is quite relevant for today, let us consider it in detail. Stretch marks, or, in other words, stretch marks – is adversely affecting the surface of some body parts are small and shallow scars. Stretch marks are caused by overdistension of it – during Continue reading Laser treatment of striae (stretch marks)