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Secrets of harmony without fitness

b fCan not stand the charging and fitness? Well, it happens even to the best of us! If all engage in fitness classes, this does not mean that all his love. But hatred to fitness seriously impedes keeping a healthy lifestyle, so if you or someone you know is struggling with this problem, follow these tips for fitness haters. (more…)

Upper lip hair removal: get rid of the moustache

uperEvery woman dreams of a smooth body and face, with no signs of excess body hair growth. And if the presence of excess body hair can hide the clothes, the hair on the face are pretty serious aesthetic defect. Many women regularly resorts to epilate your upper lip. To (more…)

Tampons-history and security issues

The first disposable tampons from the softened Papyrus was produced in ancient Egypt. In ancient Greece, as described in the writings of Hippocrates, a tampon used pieces of wood, wrapped fiber. Materials for the first tampons were wool, paper, plant fibers, sponges, grass and, later, cotton.

Harm or benefit? (more…)

The waxing of hands: remove excess vegetation

Removal of superfluous hair waxing is popular and popular procedure in beauty salons. The waxing of hands is the greatest demand in summer, because the clothes don’t hide the open aesthetic drawbacks as a superfluous hairs. The waxing of hands are equally in demand by both women and men. And if women don’t like the existence of extra hair on your hands, the man with the hand can achieve smaller, their thinning hair growth and as a result, at least their visibility. (more…)

The problem of excess Sebaceous excretions-oily hair

Greasy hair is not so bad, but they require special care, without which not only the hair, but the whole look of the person acquires the features of slovenliness and remains. As always, increased oiliness of the hair (and everything that has to do with skin) depends on the State of the human endocrine system. (more…)

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