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Secrets of the tea pure skin

tea pureYou want to enjoy natural and effective cosmetics to skin was always clean, no redness, irritation and pimples, greasy luster and age spots? All at your fingertips: different teas successfully solve skin problems. We will tell you how to cook and how to apply tea beauty. Continue reading Secrets of the tea pure skin

Stop, the moment, or why aging skin?

Why is aging skin?

70% of aging are caused not by age, but by the influence of the environment and especially the UV rays. Other reasons: active mimicry, nicotine, illness …

As a result of the adverse impact of changing the layer of skin deteriorates and interferes with the blood supply to the cells. All this provokes wrinkles and laxity. Trouble can be avoided if the right to protect and care for your skin. <! – More -> Continue reading Stop, the moment, or why aging skin?

Masks for the Snow Queen

Crimson cheeks, red noses, hair, cover with frost … Here and there was a real winter, with a snowstorm and cold weather. All you need to skin during this period, so it’s a good hydration, protect from Sears and chilling cold. BestPlastic share recipes folk healing masks. Continue reading Masks for the Snow Queen