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Abnormal dryness of the skin

Abnormal dryness of the skin, or so-called Xeros, is characterized primarily low secretion of the sebaceous glands, which is a natural “grease” for the skin. Lack of sebum skin dries out quickly and easily by being able to retain the necessary moisture to skin health. (more…)

Steam room and sauna. Rules of conduct (it is useful to know)

During the crusades in England was established by one of the highest honours — order of bathhouses, which at that time was handed over to the Knights, dropped in a devastating cholera epidemics and plague to bath. The best way to deep cleanse the skin are the sauna (dry sauna) and steam (steam bath).Heat the oil in a water homemade bath to warm State, add a few drops of lemon juice. Thanks to the heat opens the pores, are dead skin flakes removed excess fat to be allocated to the sebaceous glands. Inside are (more…)