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Diet on vacation, or how to survive all inclusive

dietDo you long to prepare the body for the beach season: ourselves diets, exercises in
Hall sized waist every day. And here’s a coveted vacation is just around the corner, and you
ready to boast slim body on the beach. Only here
bad luck: the system “all inclusive” refers to the week-long holiday, and
risks to spoil even the most solid shape. What is and what is not, to
enjoy overseas and not to bring home extra pounds? (more…)

Women and alcohol

alcoholWomen are weaker body means and effects according to her more serious? Both physiological and psycho-emotional?

Each case is considered separately, based on what the status of the disease, how long a person uses alcohol, his age, State of health, and so on. In women poses (more…)

Without wine as the desire to smoke influences the desire to drink?

wineScientists long ago proved that smoking is a risk factor for later alcohol use. Finally, the experts explained to us and the relationship between these two bad habits.

To get the data the researchers conducted an experiment on rats. It turned out that even a one-time impact of nicotine temporarily affects the way the brain reacts to alcohol system. (more…)

Impetigo is a skin disease

Impetigo most often becomes the bane of children’s collectives, most often it occurs in groups small, nursing children. Impetigo is dangerous because it can produce complications from internal organs, so any outbreak of the disease is investigated (more…)

How to remove dark circles under the eyes?

In the morning, looking at myself in the mirror, you remain dissatisfied with their external appearance: under the eyes dark circles and puffiness, the feeling that you are seriously ill? And despite all efforts to get rid of these zamorochek you can not? Now talk about how to remove dark circles under the eyes, or at least make them less prominent small. (more…)

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