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Goiter: cause or consequence?

painIt happens that the natural balance of microorganisms is broken: vary their quantitative and qualitative composition. There are a variety of reasons, that can lead to a failure, for example, the banal overeating or emotionally intense day. But in a healthy body, it is very short: fails even after such a “radical” procedure, as colon hydrotherapy, initial microbial landscape restored for a few hours, up to a maximum of 24 hours.
But here’s the body, weakened by constant stress, unhealthy diet or trendy diets, uncontrolled self-medicate, especially with the use of antibiotics, are unable to keep their little helpers, and those start to perish. A holy place, as it is known, is never empty! And released “living space” are fungi and bacteria. (more…)

Fix bugs! Causes of weight gain


Not many allergy sufferers know that most antihistamines, which they are forced to make in the off-season, have the property to increase the appetite. From here you may come from an anguished night bouts of hunger? You still need to take the medication, and keep in the refrigerator for this case something useful: yogurt, apples or carrots. They quickly will alleviate hunger without adding calories. (more…)

Spring only in 5 rules of happiness: well-being

springSpring is updated, it’s days, full of light and Sun, the eternal joy of victory over the darkness of life and beauty, sleep and cold. But, unfortunately, many this time of year is associated not with warmth and happiness and complicated health tests, including seasonal allergies. It’s time to flowering plants, it provokes and suffering from this affliction (more…)

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