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Diet for glycemic index

1320442415_9Trendy diets gradually give way to healthy diets and practical. This trend is welcomed by not only fans of diets and healthy lifestyles, but nutritionists and other representatives of physician bnogo community. The popularity of dieting on glycemic deposit index-its ability to accelerate weight loss by speeding up metabolism. Continue reading Diet for glycemic index

Soft, beautiful skin, dry brush exfoliation

Accumulation of dead skin cells can cause some very unfortunate problems-from dry to weedy pores and dull, unhealthy looking skin. Removing the layer of dead cells every day helps stimulate skin renewal process, thanks to which it looks soft, healthy and radiant. Dry brush exfoliation is the easiest and cheapest method to remove the dead skin layer, which can be effectively and quickly get rid of dead skin cells. Continue reading Soft, beautiful skin, dry brush exfoliation

Remote gall bladder diet

The gall bladder is a very important organ, which plays an important role in the process of digestion. The operation to remove it-this is an emergency measure aimed at preventing severe complications. Without the gallbladder to live, of course, you can, but the rest of my life will have to keep to a diet.

The reasons why can be removed gallbladder Continue reading Remote gall bladder diet

Lipofilling-will complexes

The desire to be beautiful is inherent in every woman. But not always, nature delights us perfection person or body, and age-related skin changes can bring a lot of disappointments and complexes. In cosmetology for wrinkle correction gels are used frequently, but they are far from all customers, and side effects such as migration or exclusion gel also occur. Application for correction Continue reading Lipofilling-will complexes