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Passport to immortality: how to extend the life of 10 years?

pass“Every breath brings us closer to the grave”,-assures the English physician named Kenneth Barth. Not figuratively, but literally. The fact that oxygen is not only the basis and prerequisite for life, but a poison to our body. More precisely, for the cells that are exposed to chemical reactions occurring with the oxygen in the blood, are oxidized and die. In a scientific way is called oxidative stress. Cells are destroyed, the metabolism is impaired, there are different diseases, ranging from asthma to cancer. At a young age the body still have enough forces to resist oxidative stress and to maintain the balance, but the older a person becomes, the less its forces to fight. (more…)

Red wine: the secret to beautiful skin Charlize Theron

anjjelBeauty Charlize Theron as she lay tracks would prefer to sit with friends over a glass of good wine. One red instead of another? A good choice, especially when you consider that this pastime not only improves mood and relationships with others, but also the appearance. Not so much talk lately about the anti-aging effect of components of red wine. (more…)

Skin-anti-aging remedies

Facial exercises for facial muscles help to preserve the beauty and youth of the skin. Unfortunately, hide or remove all signs of aging. With age on his face appear deep and fine lines, “Crow’s feet” in the corners of the eyes, the skin loses its elasticity and droops.

The appearance of wrinkles are most sensitive areas of skin around the eyes, forehead, neck, decollete and hands even. The modern market is (more…)

Anti-aging therapy: eternal youth and beauty return

The problem of premature aging of interested people from time immemorial. Particularly relevant it is today, because modern technology and products already allow at least visually rejuvenated appearance. In the West, there were various types of therapies, one of which – the anti-aging promises eternal youth and beauty return. (more…)

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