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Manicure-better health of your nails

Perfectly manicured nails are not only attractive, but also practical. Remember that the regular nail care & manicures helps save time and effort later on. Painting nails-no not art, and very fun. Our quick guide on manicure is for those who have difficulty finding the time (or money) to visit the beauty salon and a professional manicure. (more…)

Multicolored Zoster: symptoms and treatment

Multicolored Zoster is a common fungal infection of the skin. The fungus disrupts the normal pigmentation of the skin, causing the appearance of small sites with declarations. This disease is most common in teenagers and young people up to 30 years. (more…)

Training in make-up-be careful with makeup

The makeup is to emphasize the dignity and the natural beauty of the person, and not create a semblance of masks, so before applying makeup it is advisable to take care of your skin and overall health. Management of a balanced diet, proper rest and regular exercise will turn you into a beauty far faster than any cosmetics. (more…)