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Goddess of ball and paddle

gameHave you decided to become a tennis star? Or just want to play “for themselves”? skinproblemsolution.com advises where to begin your path to a triumphant victory.

First of all, you need to determine the “scope” of your new hobby. If you just play with friends several times a month, and the Racquet will need amateur. But for lessons with the trainer on Court and participate in the competition will require a more professional version of the equipment. However, with coach in anyway better meet: it will put major strikes, will tell the tactics will help to master the technique. It is better to consult the appropriate paddle. Continue reading Goddess of ball and paddle

Heat destroys tooth enamel

If you do not want to prevent the destruction of tooth enamel, try to maintain the water balance in the body. Dehydration is a greater danger to the teeth, as experts warn.

In large parts of Russia came hot days. Weather has temperature records, and it is more important not to forget that water is an essential part of the human body. Our body is 60-75% water, and every cell of the body to function properly requires water. The teeth on this issue is no exception. Continue reading Heat destroys tooth enamel