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Home rejuvenation!

rejave homeI want to tell you about their way to cute young face.

Tired, sad woman with an earthy color face-that’s what I saw in the mirror every day. I was buying creams that promise to make me young and beautiful, went to the beautician for treatments. But I didn’t see much result. Yes and no it is not seen. In the 35 years I have looked at 45.For sure, many women will understand my state of constant depression. Continue reading Home rejuvenation!

Silk The Way Of Your Skin

M Nogo centuries women struggle with hair on his body. For example, a Mona Lisa did not even have eyebrows. It is terrible to imagine how this woman Florence, posed for the famous Leonardo’s endless torment myself plucking the hair. Fortunately, modern women fared better than their ancestor: first, the eyebrows are back in fashion, and, secondly, today you can go to the cosmetic clinic and get rid of unwanted hair permanently because of the “light” methods of hair removal. Continue reading Silk The Way Of Your Skin