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Found the recipe for the elixir of youth

Found the recipe for the elixir of youth

Eat sunflower seeds

Today on the shelves a huge variety of snacks. Recommend that you leave the bag of chips for enemies and themselves take the pumpkin seeds. They contain substances that make skin elastic, prevent the emergence of black spots, improve the condition of hair and nails. Eat on handfuls of seeds per day and you verify their effectiveness. Continue reading Found the recipe for the elixir of youth

Braids and pigtails: French braid

h1Last time we talked about how to weave the volumetric Scythe. Today we once again drew attention to the French braid, but just as a border of hair nezapletennyh. In our time the spit again gaining unusual popularity, since it not only casual hairstyle of three woven curls, now this styling for work, school, a romantic date or outing. It often looks like a creation superprofessional′nyh hairdressers for fashion Continue reading Braids and pigtails: French braid

How to treat hand skin

hand skinAshamed to take off gloves due to flaking and dryness of the skin, and elbows and does have year round hide under sweaters? We asked leading nail-masters of popular brands, how to properly care for your hands.


The first phase of the recovery program is to exfoliate. Can be used as finished peeling and made yourself: just mix sugar with coconut oil. After you apply a Continue reading How to treat hand skin

Health under the Jingle of coins

jingleThis time you decided to do a figure. But I don’t want to starve and until exhaustion “stick” in the gym. Then dance!

Well, in a sense, turn to bellidensom or in common-belly dance! Surprised? Remember the Asian women’s standard of beauty: small waist, fat tits, round hips. Of course, no guarantees instant results. All will depend on you. But a ton of fun, cheerfulness and energy will get! All in order. Continue reading Health under the Jingle of coins

Legs under the supervision

legs_supervision-1That’s out of time of colorful sundresses, summer heat and the summer. Another week or two of summer literally “Indian” and the autumn will appear before us in all its glory: with listopadami and rain, warm boots and coats.
Late autumn is the perfect time to take care of the health and beauty of your legs. First, under tights or pants will not be visible traces of treatment, and secondly, for the new year holidays, your feet will look perfect, and you’re going to look at all 100, to spite Continue reading Legs under the supervision