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Lack of sleep leads to obesity

obesityIt turns out those little sleep, disturbed the natural balance of the hormones leptin and ghrelin, responsible for hunger and satiety. The fast pace of modern life makes a person less sleep and to spin, like a squirrel in a wheel, and the results of this abuse of the body does not make us wait.

What do I do? Sleep-deprived, meet scientists. If you want to know how many hours you have to spend under a blanket, take a week of vacation and device testing. A couple of days of sleep to satiety, but on the third lie down in the usual time, exclusively for all sources of noise and keep your time when (more…)

Star diet: raw vegetables and fruits in the diet of Evelina Bledans

eveFortunately, nature and the parents was awarded I figure, which does not require special diets and sports. But, despite this, I do not count only on genetics and nature, try not to relax and look out for themselves. Sports certainly helps me look good, but I do not miss out and eating right. (more…)

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