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Whitening creams are unsafe

creamBritish doctors have confirmed that some whitening creams affect hormones in a woman’s body. The female patient, unsuspecting about side effects, use these creams for several years before they learn what harm their health. Hormonal imbalance, the inability to become pregnant, urolithiasis-this is not a complete list of possible complications. Continue reading Whitening creams are unsafe

The gold standard

goldIn our time, in an era of increasing specialization of doctors, each specialist tries to find “their” pathology. The consequence of this approach?

Doctor sighting explores the body that hurts. And if detected, standardized treatment schedules, almost without regard to other health problems, and the individual characteristics of the organism. Patient direct from one specialist to another specialist, appointed all new and new research, medical card-cluttered diagnoses, and a person often becomes worse … Precious time is lost, and the disease is becoming more severe. This pattern is familiar to many. Continue reading The gold standard

Reveal the secret beauty of Kate Moss

makeupMakeup artist Cameron Diaz (Cameron Diaz) and Kate Moss (Kate Moss) Joe Gillingvoter opened the secret of beauty and femininity Hollywood actresses. The stars look perfect, it turns out, helps the hydrating oil, such as Johnson’s baby.
How to make your cleavage as appealing as the Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Monroe)? Joe advises: “a few drops of oil, put on wet skin, Continue reading Reveal the secret beauty of Kate Moss

Those pesky corn

legAutumn is approaching, and we are pulling out boxes of warm and tight shoes, which is so not like light sandals or comfortable flip flops-shakes, waxes and gives the skin the feet to breathe. skinproblemsolution.com will tell you how to avoid the formation of calluses and what to do if they still appeared.
Corn is a natural defense reaction of the skin to the pressure felt by our feet when walking. The reasons for this could be many: excessive load, prolonged walking, running or uncomfortable, tight shoes. In some cases, cause the formation of corns can be avilable feet: for example, if you suffer flat feet, there is a risk that the corns will bother you a lot more often. Continue reading Those pesky corn

Fast diet: 5 main secrets

5 dietYou do not need to use harmful fast diets, buckwheat, sit down or even go hungry for two days before the holiday. Such experiences will not bring anything good. There are more humane ways to rapidly bring yourself into shape, which is often used by Hollywood celebrities. We found a few secrets of harmony and beauty of the star diet-guru and we are glad to share them with you! Continue reading Fast diet: 5 main secrets