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lose weight quickly for new year

new yearAlready quite close many favorite holiday. You already have your image, choose a trendy new year’s makeup, hair for the new year and … were surprised to discover that the only and unique dress that was supposed to make you the Queen of the party, said all of the problem areas that you would like to hide? How do you quickly and without harm to health lose weight for the new year? (more…)

Kefir: the secret of the thin waist of Zhanna Friske

zhanna_friskeSinger-Zhanna Friske telediva prefer tough diets fasting days: kefir, cottage cheese or fruit. “Skinny models for me is not ideal, but for the food I am. My main diet consists of vegetables, fruits and seafood, is sexy beauty in his interviews. -I fit trennkost and easy fasting days, but still, if you want to lose weight, I prefer to consult a specialist. (more…)

Red wine: the secret to beautiful skin Charlize Theron

anjjelBeauty Charlize Theron as she lay tracks would prefer to sit with friends over a glass of good wine. One red instead of another? A good choice, especially when you consider that this pastime not only improves mood and relationships with others, but also the appearance. Not so much talk lately about the anti-aging effect of components of red wine. (more…)

Spinach: the secret of the tone of Gwyneth Paltrow

gvinet_peltrouWe are not surprised, as Gwyneth Paltrow can do so many things: play movie, lead culinary blog and publish books “branded” recipes, engage in public activities, visit the red track, to give time to the family. And a further five days a week to give two hundred per cent in the gym and get the title of the (more…)

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