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Your enemy-cigarette

ciggerateAfter the meal, before going to sleep, while nervous shocks hands are drawn to cigarette. But what harm you or myself, consuming at least one! When you smoke you inhale, it passes through the mouth and into the lungs, where it accumulates in the form of resins. Smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals, including cancer-causing substances. Many of them come to your blood. For example, carbon monoxide replaces oxygen in the blood. Do you know where she is? The exhaust from the machines. Continue reading Your enemy-cigarette

How to keep healthy at the Office work?

legAs a rule, most of us work in the Office and spends a lot of time sitting. We sit or stand in public transportation, and if the play machine, the sitting carry out almost all day. The corresponding dresskodu, wear heels in the Office. As a result of the work is in a lot of factors that affect health. And so wants to be cheerful and full of energy. Continue reading How to keep healthy at the Office work?

Yoga for pregnant women: Positive or not?

yogaYoga for pregnant women:

Yoga for pregnant women

1. A training body for the upcoming severe test-childbirth. Strengthens your spine, muscles are elastic, a skill correctly retch and relax, disappear back pain due to the offset of the Centre of gravity, improved stretching. Continue reading Yoga for pregnant women: Positive or not?

Almonds: the secret to healthy snacking Nina Dobrev

almondsIn the new issue of the American Journal of Self, released this month, is a pleasant surprise for all fans of the vampire Diaries-interview with its star Nina Dobrev. She talks about family traditions, the credo and to, filming “Diaries” and relations with colleagues on site, the love of Yoga and healthy food. “Starve to be slim,” it’s not mine, Continue reading Almonds: the secret to healthy snacking Nina Dobrev

Avocado: secret sexuality Beyonce

beyonceJennifer Lopez, Beyonce and many other Hollywood divas and top models with the world name “sing praises” Avocado-fruit already and for our species is no longer a shop exotic. The reason for the global women’s love for tropical fruit lurking in its rejuvenating properties, because it is rich in vitamin e-the main fighter against “growing up” skin cells. Continue reading Avocado: secret sexuality Beyonce