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Rules of makeup-finding the perfect image

As kids we loved to play princesses, trying on MOM’s dress and heeled shoes, all from within one only interest and love of art. We are not forced, no one taught us what’s in style and what is not, what to wear and what is immediately thrown away. Time has passed and things have changed, but the makeup remains for most of us the limitless imagination and experimentation.

Every woman finds its unique make-up through trial and error. Finding the perfect image-this exciting experiment-never ends. Therefore, the fewer restrictions we encounter along the way, the better and more interesting. Continue reading Rules of makeup-finding the perfect image

Errors in make-up: the effect of nesting dolls

Blush is used to give a person a healthy shade of blush easily. However, striking blush wrong, too intensely, or using the wrong shade, you can get a “doll person effect.”

Unnatural look to the skin blush brown and orange color, it’s not at all like our natural blush that we get the cold or playing sports.

Most women applied blusher brush out of the box in which they are sold. This is a mistake. Have a professional make-up artists have a special brush to model cheekbones and uniform shading. Continue reading Errors in make-up: the effect of nesting dolls

What should be in the beautician?

Available every girl should have plenty of funds with which to rapidly deliver makeup for at least some options to make a new image, highlight strengths and hide weaknesses. From time to time a list of needed funds is so large that it is hard to understand – indeed whether this is all so necessary? Some things are best kept at home, while others must always be at hand, more importantly, true allocate roles. Continue reading What should be in the beautician?