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Cola destroys the bone tissue

colaScientists have found that Cola has a negative impact on the skeletal system, as it contains a lot of sugar and chemical additives.
Due to the fact that for many Cola became the substitute of mineral water and juice, the body is not receiving the right amount of vitamin D and calcium. Continue reading Cola destroys the bone tissue

Fitness on the beach

beachThe biggest summer injustice: the long-awaited vacation, women are gaining weight, which so painfully separated for several months. Fully relaxed, we forget about diet and nutrition, and most of the time spend in the sun loungers by the pool. That impression is held not to overshadow not leaveĀ  at waist trousers, you can spend time not only with pleasure, but also to good use. Follow our instructions.
1. Go on foot. Always and everywhere! The walking helps keep the legs and buttocks-slim, toned. Keep your back straight, your Chin slightly lift up the leg Continue reading Fitness on the beach

Diet on the Passport

dietWhat’s the problem?
A big problem in this age is the deficiency of iron in the body. Nalegaj on products containing iron: pork and beef liver, kidney, egg yolks, nuts, apples and asparagus, oysters.
Besides, 20 years is an age when many girls are thinking about planning a baby. Prepare the body for pregnancy and maternity costs in advance: eat more foods rich in folic acid (beans and kidney beans). Continue reading Diet on the Passport

Passport to immortality: how to extend the life of 10 years?

pass“Every breath brings us closer to the grave”,-assures the English physician named Kenneth Barth. Not figuratively, but literally. The fact that oxygen is not only the basis and prerequisite for life, but a poison to our body. More precisely, for the cells that are exposed to chemical reactions occurring with the oxygen in the blood, are oxidized and die. In a scientific way is called oxidative stress. Cells are destroyed, the metabolism is impaired, there are different diseases, ranging from asthma to cancer. At a young age the body still have enough forces to resist oxidative stress and to maintain the balance, but the older a person becomes, the less its forces to fight. Continue reading Passport to immortality: how to extend the life of 10 years?

Burst vessel in the eye

eyeChanges in the eye are noticeable right away with the naked eye. Very often the first symptom of the fact that in the body something wrong are red eyes. Cause of the redness in the eye can be fatigue, insomnia, stress, long sitting behind a computer or a book, and inflammatory diseases of the eye. Another cause of sore eyes is a burst blood vessel. In this case, the sclera (white of the eye) becomes red and not pay attention to such a defect is impossible. Continue reading Burst vessel in the eye