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Truth in the legs: flip-flops are dangerous for health?

lgYou have the sea and the beautiful Sun for three weeks in a row. And not only so, but because it was a couple of days before the start of the long-awaited vacation. Tickets bought, hotel booked, suitcases almost picked. Swimsuit, dress, top, pants gipermodnye already packed, we only have to choose the shoes. Of course, without a doubt, you will take your favorite flip flops-flip flops with Rhinestones for evening or bright, rubber for the beach. But did you know that the shoes can hopelessly damage not only two weeks of vacation, but many months after? The thing is that they are very harmful to health. Continue reading Truth in the legs: flip-flops are dangerous for health?

Red lipstick helps to survive the crisis

redlipBritish scientists have conducted an interesting study: with the onset of the global financial crisis, they decided to keep track of how women are spending less money on cosmetics in order to save.

Summarizing, they were very surprised: it turned out that the sale of cosmetics in the UK and throughout the world, have only increased. What is most interesting is the use of special demand red lipsticks: apparently, bright color, women seek to repel multiple challenges and colorize a gray life full of financial trouble. Continue reading Red lipstick helps to survive the crisis

Correctly applying makeup

Most modern women over a period of time bothers use bright scarlet lipstick and a familiar blue mascara. If such a situation occurs, then you should definitely take care of the quality implementation of its new image – the image of chocolate. Today experts of the women’s magazine has provided its readers a new approach to the application ! Bathroom facilities , it is almost no woman can not remain indifferent. Continue reading Correctly applying makeup