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Burst vessel in the eye

eyeChanges in the eye are noticeable right away with the naked eye. Very often the first symptom of the fact that in the body something wrong are red eyes. Cause of the redness in the eye can be fatigue, insomnia, stress, long sitting behind a computer or a book, and inflammatory diseases of the eye. Another cause of sore eyes is a burst blood vessel. In this case, the sclera (white of the eye) becomes red and not pay attention to such a defect is impossible. (more…)

25 frame for weight loss

25Beautiful figure is the most burning issue in the women’s team. To recover health and to lose weight to look spectacular every woman’s dream. But you don’t have time to exercise at home or camping in the fitness center. And run around in the mornings, lack the will, and absolutely no money for cosmetic surgery and liposuction. All have long known that our mood and appearance depends on how we eat. (more…)