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The advantages of vertical Pilates

pilates.jpg2Pilates is a system of exercises, open by Joseph Pilates
more than a hundred years ago. Nowadays it is a very popular destination.

However, few people know that Pilates can be
variety. For example, Pilates mat, pilates ring, Pilates, vertical, etc. Continue reading The advantages of vertical Pilates

Black clay of cellulite

black clay“Orange peel”, a problem familiar to many girls and women firsthand. A scientifically proven fact that cellulite is a phenomenon exclusive to modern society. Sedentary lifestyle, footwear, high heels, tight clothing, poor nutrition, and as a result, blood circulation, lack of vitamins, oxygen and an abundance of toxins. Continue reading Black clay of cellulite

10 minutes a day and you’re in great shape!

PERFECTMany of our readers enthusiastically engaged in fitness activities at home. Many of the first results: the whole figure is tightened, Talia becomes thinner.

But there were some issues on which we will try to answer.

How to properly spin the Hoop and can avoid bruising? Continue reading 10 minutes a day and you’re in great shape!