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Mastopathy-don’t forget to touch breasts!

Many women have somewhere for 4-5 days prior to the start of “critical days” begin to experience severe pain in his chest. Generally premenstrual syndrome with all its unpleasant sensations moved approximately 80% of women. Tissue swelling of the breast before the monthly-reaction to the hormonal changes. This is a natural process that should take place more or less painlessly. But if the breast not only Continue reading Mastopathy-don’t forget to touch breasts!

Breast plastic surgery: to bring to perfection?

Breast plastic surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery. Some of these operations are quite simple, such as breast augmentation with implants. And here’s the breast reduction is a much more complex operation because it may be accompanied by severe complications.

What is breast surgery and its types

Breast plastic surgery is plastic surgery performed on his chest with both Continue reading Breast plastic surgery: to bring to perfection?

5 ways not to die from the sun

Why are we still killing myself for tanning? USA prefer to spend all their free time on the beach, then to proudly demonstrate brown skin, which greatly increases the risk of cancer.

Summer is crazy hot, scorching sun, holidays. At every opportunity we hasten to water to cool and plenty of sunbathing. Brown skin is still considered in many of us pride. According to statistics, sunscreens are just over 5% of youth and 15% of the adult. For comparison – in the UK, these figures were 50% and 89%, respectively. Continue reading 5 ways not to die from the sun

Fractional skin resurfacing

“In your face, girlfriend, two grinder-beetle 100 have drawn two circles” – these poems by Daniil Kharms I often thought of when coming to the mirror. 100 – not 100, but a few marks time in my 35 + from a figured: provide a “crow’s feet, transverse forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds. “It is time to erase it all and return a smooth Continue reading Fractional skin resurfacing