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Fitness and varicose veins

fitnessIf you’re going to do the last couple of years and finally bought a membership in a fitness club, try to … hold back. Self-sacrifice under the slogan “give one and a half pounds of muscle in a month” or “decided on two sizes” can do more harm than good. From undue stress, especially power, especially suffer. legs. If you have a genetic predisposition to varicose veins or spider veins are harbingers of the feet is already visible.

Doctors strongly recommend that at the first signs of varicose veins (swelling, pain, prostupivie Vienna) to see a doctor-flebologu. Only a doctor with the help of a special ultrasound Diagnostics veins can correct diagnosis even in the earliest stages of the disease. Continue reading Fitness and varicose veins

Fruit: you need cardio ultrasound examination

cardioIn the mid-19th century Austrian physicist and astronomer I. Doppler effect changes opened the oscillation frequency waves by driving their source and observer relative to each other. The Doppler effect is used today for investigation of utero-placental blood flow, to the fetus receives nutrients Continue reading Fruit: you need cardio ultrasound examination