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Skin-protection against impacts

Rash on the skin of the face is most likely to occur in adolescence, when the defects in the face area are especially sharp, down to the violations of the psyche. To cope with this problem, you need to know how our skin and why at this age, she cannot cope with infection. Continue reading Skin-protection against impacts

Skin diseases

Our skin serves as a sort of calling card, a reflective age, lifestyle, occupation, habits. On the skin, you can even make a diagnosis when a person is suffering from any disease. The skin is not only a cover for the body, but very complex entity that performs important functions in protecting the body Continue reading Skin diseases

Breast plastic surgery: to bring to perfection?

Breast plastic surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery. Some of these operations are quite simple, such as breast augmentation with implants. And here’s the breast reduction is a much more complex operation because it may be accompanied by severe complications.

What is breast surgery and its types

Breast plastic surgery is plastic surgery performed on his chest with both Continue reading Breast plastic surgery: to bring to perfection?


Microdermabrasion stimulates cell regeneration response, as is the effect on the deeper layers of skin in the dermis are stimulated by special cells that participate in the construction of structural fibers – collagen and elastin, are responsible for skin turgor and her young, flourishing appearance. Thus, due to surface effects is aligned with relief, increases skin tone. Continue reading Microdermabrasion

Skin Cancer:Basalioma

Basalioma (syn. basal cell carcinoma) – the most common malignant epithelial tumor of the skin (up to 75% of all skin cancers), consisting of bazaloidnyh cells. Characterized by locally destruiruyuschim growth spreads extremely aggressively redko.Bolee occurs in immunosuppressive patients, usually develops after age 40, most often between the ages of 60-70 years. In 80% of the Continue reading Skin Cancer:Basalioma