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Endermology and Mesotherapy for cellulite treatment

Largely because of genetic predisposition relief surface skin on the buttocks and thighs most women can be reduced but not completely eliminated. The two most effective treatments that can temporarily relieve you of this annoying defect-Endermology and Mesotherapy. (more…)

Ear surgery, its types, indications and contraindications

Ugly ears often cause chronic stress and even cause a change of character. Therefore, if your ears really spoil the appearance, it makes sense to turn to a plastic surgeon. But the point is that sometimes the ears have a very normal kind of person, and for some reason it seems like they’re just terrible. A plastic surgeon will help here: it will tell and show you examples of what the ear indeed require correction. (more…)

Lipofilling-will complexes

The desire to be beautiful is inherent in every woman. But not always, nature delights us perfection person or body, and age-related skin changes can bring a lot of disappointments and complexes. In cosmetology for wrinkle correction gels are used frequently, but they are far from all customers, and side effects such as migration or exclusion gel also occur. Application for correction (more…)

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)-correction of abdominal stenkisno

Tummy Tuck requires when you stretch the skin and muscles of the abdomen after pregnancy, with the sharp rapid weight loss and in some other cases. This is a very difficult plastic surgery can cause a number of complications. Therefore, it requires highly skilled plastic surgeon. (more…)