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Skin Care in 20-30 years

After 25 years, the skin begins to gradually lose moisture. This is mainly due to destruction of the lipid layer of the stratum corneum. Lipid layer of the stratum corneum is formed mainly ceramides – polar lipids, which are capable of forming a layered structure.

The destruction of the lipid layer may be due to the influence of cosmetic products that contain surfactants (surface-active substances) and solvents (such as lotions, deep cleansing, anti-acne, washing powders, etc.), UV radiation, as well as (more…)

How does vitamin A on the skin

Now the world is open 13 vitamins. Importance of each of them is undeniable, everyone is unsupportable In this case, will talk about vitamin A. This vitamin was named by number 1 shaped as letters alphabet, because it is very essential for the organism. Doctors believe vitamin A first ally in the fight against skin aging. Because the effects of vitamins A in the skin? (more…)

Natural cosmetics with their hands

Olive oil

This is not only a beautiful addition to salads and sauces. It’s also a beautiful natural cosmetics containing large amounts of nutrients and vitamins. Ever since the old times ladies appreciate its beneficial effects on female beauty. Olive oil is possession of residuals with dry skin and improves the condition of warped hair. It nourishes and restores the skin without clogging pores. You just can do with their own hands the means to care for the (more…)

Masks against crow’s feet around the eyes

Our face is the mirror of experiencing. Surprisingly, smirk, frustration, satisfaction – all of these emotions leave little mesh of wrinkles, so called “crow’s feet around the eyes. Is it possible to remove their own face for a long time? There are many nonsurgical ways to adjust from the “crow’s feet” to help young ladies get rid of facial wrinkles showed the first. (more…)

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