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The South Beach Diet

sbdThe South Beach Diet is originally from sunny Florida , her “father” – cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston . Diet Miami, as it is called , became instantly popular worldwide . And no wonder : it can help you not only lose the extra pounds , but also improve the body as a whole. Thanks to a balanced diet , improves the condition of the vessels , accelerates metabolism and reduces the risk of heart disease. Continue reading The South Beach Diet

Cucumber monodiets

cucumMonodiets on cucumbers cleans the intestines, excretes from the body and stimulates the metabolism.

By the way, cucumber and an excellent diuretic, saves you from edema and swelling. While cucumber Mono-diets for breakfast, lunch and dinner you have to eat two cucumbers salad with sour cream, seasoned with herbs. Continue reading Cucumber monodiets

Selection of cream for face

Cream-an important part in the care of appearance for any woman. Find the right cream is not so difficult. The main criterion for choosing the type of skin. There are four main types of skin: oily, dry, normal, combination. Continue reading Selection of cream for face

Stop, the moment, or why aging skin?

Why is aging skin?

70% of aging are caused not by age, but by the influence of the environment and especially the UV rays. Other reasons: active mimicry, nicotine, illness …

As a result of the adverse impact of changing the layer of skin deteriorates and interferes with the blood supply to the cells. All this provokes wrinkles and laxity. Trouble can be avoided if the right to protect and care for your skin. <! – More -> Continue reading Stop, the moment, or why aging skin?

5 ways not to die from the sun

Why are we still killing myself for tanning? USA prefer to spend all their free time on the beach, then to proudly demonstrate brown skin, which greatly increases the risk of cancer.

Summer is crazy hot, scorching sun, holidays. At every opportunity we hasten to water to cool and plenty of sunbathing. Brown skin is still considered in many of us pride. According to statistics, sunscreens are just over 5% of youth and 15% of the adult. For comparison – in the UK, these figures were 50% and 89%, respectively. Continue reading 5 ways not to die from the sun