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A new way to enlightenment — dance!

DanceThe dance is, first of all, attitude. How do you feel the surrounding space as you perceive information flows and how to realize himself in these threads. Dance is the ability to tell using body as poet soul.

And that soul and body could most effectively merge the creative ecstasy and achieve harmony, is to decide what you would like to achieve in the “physical” and the “philosophical-aesthetic”. (more…)

“Stiletto Strength” — be always on top!

talondancejanThe last peep New York fashion — “strong studs.” The idea behind this movement is that you can pump your muscles using … the most common alternative. Dancers often standing on his tiptoes and the result is a slender, beautiful legs. This is the key to success, say the founders of the new movement. The goal is to help women having studs throughout the day “stay on top”. To deal with this new sport even taught in sports clubs. Wishing to offer exercises for the muscles of the legs and feet, (more…)

Shape as model Gisele Bundchen: diet and yoga

gislaBrazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen is one of the most highly paid models in the world! In addition, she is a young mother, which so quickly returned to form after giving birth, that just a few weeks has appeared on the catwalk, showing off her seductive body. (more…)