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Stone therapy: healing power of stones

stoneStone therapy is a means to get rid of diseases

Christmas and new year holidays are the best time to take care of yourself! The following year feel great, you need to not only celebrate a holiday, but also result in excellent shape before new labour weekdays. Combine business with pleasure will help the stone therapy is a great way to relax and get pleasure from the body! (more…)

I’m a little pony, and I live a hard time: women and depression often

depresScientists have found that women are more prone to depression than men. It’s all in your brain. It turned out that the stronger sex brain volume more at 8-10%, but the girls brain never rests, even during sleep. It is because of a lack of resting in the head girl prone to feelings. Evolutionarily, that the weaker sex is responsible for children: to protect offspring from possible dangers, he has all the time to be “alert”. (more…)

Talk about delicate? How to protect your health in the fall

delicateOff season and the autumn-winter period brought us a lot of trouble with health. And it’s not just about SARS and flu, flue, depression, but also about such unpleasant disease as cystitis. Talk about that, unlike ordinary colds, is discussed only between us girls? (more…)

Home rejuvenation!

rejave homeI want to tell you about their way to cute young face.

Tired, sad woman with an earthy color face-that’s what I saw in the mirror every day. I was buying creams that promise to make me young and beautiful, went to the beautician for treatments. But I didn’t see much result. Yes and no it is not seen. In the 35 years I have looked at 45.For sure, many women will understand my state of constant depression. (more…)