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Only pleasant surprises

safeThe choice of a hormonal drug depends on many factors-from age to health. In addition to protection from unwanted pregnancy, hormonal contraceptives on the woman’s body, a number of medical and prophylactic effects: reduce the pain of menstruation, PMS help fight and prevent development of Gynecologic diseases like ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. However, before applying them to consult with a physician-gynaecologist. Continue reading Only pleasant surprises

Dining with Diabetes type

For patients with diabetes of the first type, the main treatment is insulin therapy. Changing the Way is auxiliary power, so many patients in this group did not give any value to their diet, but this is the wrong attitude. In diabetes the first type of compliance with the rules of use in food products is important, so you need not only to know about them, but stick with them. Continue reading Dining with Diabetes type


Hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating caused by hypersecretion of sweat glands of the skin. Two forms of the disease: a common and localized.

Common cause of hyperhidrosis can be affected by many factors. Among exogenous factors, the most frequent cause is the increased ambient temperature. Endogenous factors include physical or emotional stress (when talking about the physiological excessive sweating, Continue reading Hyperhidrosis