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How to keep healthy teeth: an effective fight against tooth decay

teethTooth decay is the most common dental disease, almost everyone confronted with it at least once in their life. What are the symptoms of tooth decay, and how to protect the health of teeth from this disease? Continue reading How to keep healthy teeth: an effective fight against tooth decay

Sick head rest does not give

sickIn the light of the fortunate ones who have never a headache. This is about 20% of women and half of men (apparently, man’s head is stronger). The rest of this issue occurs at least once a month if not more often.

Deal with the headache of mankind has tried for a long time, which in ancient times were very exotic means. For example, some primitive tribes have been drilling a hole in the skull, and in ancient Egypt to head put newborn little crocodiles. Probably helped. But we will not be experimenting, and talk about how to fight modern with headache medicine. Continue reading Sick head rest does not give

Star disease

star“Spider veins”, varicose disease, who of us even once heard these words? Well, if these terms do not have a direct relation to you. However, not many women can boast. According to statistics, almost every second woman suffers from varicose veins. Varicose disease is a disease in which the wall of subcutaneous vein loses its elasticity, causing the blood vessels are stretched, knotted extensions are formed (varix translated from Latin means “junction”). Continue reading Star disease

To the feet — with care!

feetRegardless of the time of year, the instability in the world, with all its disasters and fatal phenomena of nature, we do not stop to take care of themselves and how to look. Taking care of the delicate skin of the face and body, its various creams and masks, take vitamins and mineral supplements, visit fitness clubs to be taut and look decent. But is it worth to us for a moment take a look back — and we realize that those who have served us faithfully and are tireless workers, remain without proper care. Undoubtedly, this is our feet! High heels, narrow shoes, trousers and Continue reading To the feet — with care!

The gold standard

goldIn our time, in an era of increasing specialization of doctors, each specialist tries to find “their” pathology. The consequence of this approach?

Doctor sighting explores the body that hurts. And if detected, standardized treatment schedules, almost without regard to other health problems, and the individual characteristics of the organism. Patient direct from one specialist to another specialist, appointed all new and new research, medical card-cluttered diagnoses, and a person often becomes worse … Precious time is lost, and the disease is becoming more severe. This pattern is familiar to many. Continue reading The gold standard