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How to keep healthy at the Office work?

legAs a rule, most of us work in the Office and spends a lot of time sitting. We sit or stand in public transportation, and if the play machine, the sitting carry out almost all day. The corresponding dresskodu, wear heels in the Office. As a result of the work is in a lot of factors that affect health. And so wants to be cheerful and full of energy. Continue reading How to keep healthy at the Office work?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to yoga

astOne basis-hundreds of schools
The basis on which created dozens of different schools of Yoga is Hatha Yoga. Its creator is the Sage Patanjali, a few thousand years ago amounted to a serious philosophical system of interaction of the body and mind and called his work “the Yoga Sutras”. Based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali subsequently appeared many systems, and most of them, in fact, one framework in detail often contradict each other. This does not prevent all schools to coexist and to attract adherents and followers. In Sanskrit, Yoga means “relationship”, and despite the confusion in interpretations of yoga, most of the schools, which survived until our days, equally benefit the millions of newcomers who decided to build a new life around the rubber mat. Continue reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to yoga

How to make Chinese massage

chineseRegular use of Chinese acupressure massage improves memory in children and adults, raises mental fitness. It helps with headaches, fatigue and insomnia. In addition, this type of impact is used in the treatment of hypertension, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, constipation and stomach ulcers. Continue reading How to make Chinese massage

Meat diet-are possible complications

Meat diet, like any other, the sponsoring drink plenty of protein, extreme diet, it is not all. Not too it is suitable for summer-time vacation and increased activity, since protein nutrition produced little power. Of course, you can lose weight on this diet, but no one can guarantee that there won’t be complications. Continue reading Meat diet-are possible complications