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Chemical peels: Let’s change the skin?

Uncontrollable pace of scientific and technological progress is a powerful thing, dear Lady. The new procedures, medications and other polumistińćeskie funds for the preservation and promotion of our charms-new products are appearing every day, if not every hour. Thousands of different companies around the world simply crave save (more…)

Skin diseases

Our skin serves as a sort of calling card, a reflective age, lifestyle, occupation, habits. On the skin, you can even make a diagnosis when a person is suffering from any disease. The skin is not only a cover for the body, but very complex entity that performs important functions in protecting the body (more…)

Sulfuric ointment – for the treatment of skin diseases

Sulfur is part of various cosmetic products such as soaps, creams, ointments and lotions. Sulfur ointment is used to treat skin diseases such as scabies, acne and seborrheic dermatitis.

As a rule, the sulfur ointment is one of the sulfur and two parts grease a water / petroleum jelly. When applied to the skin of sulfur reacts with organic substances to form sulfides and acid has antimicrobial and antiparasitic activity. Sulfides, in addition, contribute to the restoration of the epidermis, which is very important in the treatment of (more…)

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